real life

real life togetherUCO has its origin in Christian movements which emphasize growth in Christian character and virtue. It continues to stress practical, day-to-day living as Christian disciples.

A corporate, relational approach to all our activities is central to UCO's vision. It gives an important witness to our overly functional, efficiency-based culture, and provides a home for many students where friendships in Christ can be nourished.

UCO considers its communal witness to be a particular expression of Christ's ideal of committed love among his followers, as well as an effective basis for outreach.

UCO is concerned to propagate the core truths of the Christian faith. In light of the intellectual currents of our day, UCO seeks to give today's university student a solid intellectual grounding in these truths.

UCO sees its particular focus, amidst the various other campus ministries, as the deliberate preparation and equipping of students for their future responsibilities and callings in family, career, church and mission.

UCO has its origins in intentional Christian communities. It continues to serve youth from various communities, and UCO at MSU is currently sponsored by the Work of Christ Community , a member of the association of Sword of the Spirit communities .