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Sorry I've gotten behind on posting the notes for our VV discussions...

We've been studying "The Vision and the Vow" by Pete Grieg [on amazon]. This session looks at Grace and includes some compelling images of the "Bad, Broken, and Boring" - all three "B" words with answers from God's grace.

I was very moved while preparing this material - particularly moved by the all-surpassing grace and mercy of God while watching/listening to the Passion/Majesty video. I was also moved by prompting by the Spirit to use as an example our beloved and late Bob Sweet. He was a man whose life was much less than "Boring" because it was lived in Christ.

See the attachments below. Session Three is soon to come. 


02 of 05 - The Vision and the Vow - Lansing UCO.ppt561 KB
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