Tomato War 2007

Tomato War 2007

Tomato War is a fruit-slinging capture-the-flag fight in the dark woods. Winner takes all.

Bonfire and BBQ wieners will follow.

Are you man enough? Do you want to represent the MSU team?

Will you carry victory away from wolverines?
Good. I thought so.

You and your dudes should bring:
-dark clothes that you can get dirty and ripped
-readiness to sign the accident waiver (really, this is standard for dangerous events like this)
-courage and a good attitude

Rides leave at 6:30 from Lansing. For rides, call Brian at 517-896-8265 or Kevin at 612-418-3181.

Also please let us know if you're driving so that we can get rides for other guys, too.

We'll get back around midnight.

Your mission is clear.


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