1 of 5 Discussions on "The Vision and the Vow"

We had our first discussion on the book "The Vision and the Vow" by Pete Grieg [on amazon]. We covered "Revelation: the dream of God" which is the first of five book sections. The session went very well - I've heard that even people who didn't read the book beforehand could follow along well.

Our next discussion will be on section two, "Grace: here come the losers". We're doing that on Wednesday, September 26th at 7:30pm in our normal MSU Union "Tower Room".

I also thought I'd post the slides from presentation number one. To download, click below.

01 of 05 - The Vision and the Vow - Lansing UCO.pdf85.4 KB
01 of 05 - The Vision and the Vow - Lansing UCO.ppt165.5 KB


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