First Prayer Meeting

Hi everybody.

I had a lot of fun at Meijer last night for the Midnight Madness. It was very cool to be out there with you guys sporting the shirts and having good times. But tell me this: Were we stuck in the Twilight Zone, or was it all just something the Japanese call Karaoke?

I want to confirm a couple events coming up:

This Saturday August 26th:
UCO Party at the Aud -
This is the big MSU festival where there are hundreds of student groups all trying to get you to join.
What's the word: You-Must-Stop-By-The-UCO-Table-And-Get-A-FREE-Popsicle
The whole party runs from 6-10pm.
Location: It's near the Auditorium and the River and the Rock and the coolio looking footbridge (I'm really starting to like this campus...:)

BONUS: If you want to sport your 'Thumbs Up' shirt and represent UCO then you'll want to meet the others at the WOC center around 5pm (be early!) to organize yourselves. Plan to stay all the way through 10ish to mill about the whole party (not just our table) and pray and stuff like that. Call Corey for details at 517-204-1782. Also, technically we can't sell our T-shirts at the actual Party-at-the-Aud, so you should come early to the WOC center to get your shirt if you don't already have it.

Next Wednesday, August 30th
UCO Kickoff Prayer Meeting
Time: 8-9:30
Location: MSU Student Union Iowa Room on the 3rd Floor (it's easy to find - even I can find it.)
Come on! First prayer meeting! This one is pretty first-timer friendly, so don't be shy...
Everyone without Thumbs-Up for Jesus T-Shirts by this point will be able to get them for $5.
Thumbs Up For Jesus Logo

Next Thursday, August 31th
As if this next week wasn't going to be good enough...
8-12pm at the Work of Christ Center 4828 S. Hagadorn
Totally open party. Bring anybody. Enjoy games like ROOTBEER Pong and more!

Feel free to call me at 517-896-8265 for any clarifications.

"My distant hope is his 3D." -Pete Grieg, the Vision.


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