24/5 Prayer Room in MSU Library

An unbroken chain of prayer all during Holy Week, April 1-6, 2007.
Anytime during Holy week from Sunday noon to Friday night.
A study room on the second floor of the MSU library.
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More info? This is from the organizer, Tim Brown:
"Prayer will commence at noon on Palm Sunday (April 1st). We will be set up in one of the study rooms on the second floor of the library. As these rooms cannot be reserved ahead of time, I will not know the exact number of the room until we actually get set up. At that point I will email it out to everyone who has signed up.

The room will contain several stations to engage us in different kinds of prayer. We will have a corner of the room dedicated to creative worship, a campus map to pray for specific parts of the University, a wall to post prayer requests, a globe for world prayer, and much more!

We encourage students to commit to visiting the prayer room for one hour on each of the five days. We want to have people praying constantly, so we will need at least one person in the room for every hour. We also prefer not to have more than three at once, as it can get crowded."

This would be a good opportunity for your small group to sign up and go pray together. It'll be great to meet some other Christians and pray together during the week.

Let's press on to acknowledge the Lord (Hosea 6:3) during this week leading up to Easter!


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