Upcoming Events

Hello all,

Thank you thank you to everyone who helped out with our flower delivery fundraiser on the 13th and 14th!! We could not have done this without your help. The UCO staff really appreciate your willingness to serve.

Also, a Big Thank You to the guys for putting on the special Valentine's Dinner and entertainment for the ladies! We were very honored by all the hard work that was put in to making the evening very enjoyable.


This week.....

Prayer Meeting
When? Wednesday, February 21st 8-9:30pm
Where? in The Tower (4th floor MSU Union)

We have guest speakers Angelique Ortiz and John Karagoulis coming to speak to us about Christian Love.

Women's Night "A Scripture Odyssey"
When? Friday, February 23rd at 7pm
Where? at the women's household on 1437 Vine St. in Lansing

Does the bible look overwhelming to you? Do you know where to start? Have you ever thought about learning more about it, including the history?

Please bring your bible. We'll also be watching One Night With The King afterwards for anyone who would like to stay....

Heads Up:
-Monday, Feb. 26th, UCO Formation Talk 7:30-9pm, usual locations

-Mary G.



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