2012 UCO Winter Retreat

It started with a conviction.  A conviction that God desires to gather his children and to perform a work in his people—us.   University Christian Outreach.

We have been gathered together and worked on before, of course.

But we think God’s just getting started.


In the past decade, we’ve experienced a particularly blessed season of growth in UCO North America.     Fueled by grace, we’ve built a continental community out of shared vision, deep friendships, and commitment to radical discipleship.  The shouts of our praise, the confident hum of our filial encouragement, and peals of our joy-ridden laughter now echo across coasts, from Vancouver to Maryland.   Ordinary men and women have been formed into missionaries, and more and more students have laid down their lives for Christ and his call for them.  God has made us a fruit-bearing people.

And now we desire to offer this back to him.  To gather before him as a collected assembly of University Christian Outreach and ask Him what He desires to do with this people he has gathered, with this army he has built.  We desire a greater purity, a deeper faith, and a stronger zeal.  We want him to fully transform the lives of His people and direct them.  We come before him, thirsting, and beseech Him: Make us Yours.

He will speak to us all—the new student still uncertain of his place in this body and the one who has faithfully attended each event for years.  He will draw us together still more.

The cost will be high.  He will ask for our whole selves.  The reward will be incalculably great.  Our God—the omnipotent King and tender Savior—will make us His own.

Join the assembly! Register for the 2012 UCO Winter Retreat here: http://winterretreat.ucoweb.org/home