Fall 2011. Aw, yeah!

The air is crisp, notebooks are on sale, and Quality Dairy is selling pumpkin pie ice cream again. The new school year has begun, and UCO is back in full throttle!

 After making our presence duly known during Welcome Week at MSU (featuring Kate Stevenson as a dancing panda bear at Meijer Madness), we launched into our fall prayer meetings.  UCO started the year with 52 members, but plenty of new faces have appeared in our midst.  We've begun a teaching series on worship, and we're already seeing the fruit: each week, God reveals a bit more of his glorious nature and invites us to respond in deeper ways.  Exciting? You betcha. 

What have we been doing besides having soul-stirring, hand-raising prayer meetings? Having loads of fun, of course!  Our techno-themed opening party proved that the closets of UCO students contain quite the array of neon apparel.  So heartily was the theme embraced that nearly everyone spattered themselves with glow-in-the-dark paint and hit the dance floor; those not dancing stood about drinking glow-in-the-dark punch and eating glow-in-the-dark cupcakes.  Yes, dear readers: we went there.



But wait; there's more in the works!  This Wednesday's prayer meeting bring another installment of the worship series delivered by Dan Keating, the weekend heralds the return of UCO Quidditch, and the Fan Into Flame retreat is rapidly approaching (register here if you haven't yet!).

 If that's not a compellingly good start--well, you can get back your lab report.