Week of 10/2/06

Hello all,

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Our emails with upcoming UCO
events will be sent out weekly on Mondays, so keep watch for those....

This week we have a few events:

What? Prayer Meeting
When? Wednesday (Oct.4th) at 8pm
Where? Third floor of MSU Union, Lake Huron room


What? Movie Night! Nacho Libre (starring Jack Black)
When? Friday (Oct.6th) at 7pm
Where? Wells Hall, BWing
Admission is free for students living in the dorms; $2 for everyone else.

**FRIDAY FUN for the GUYS**
What? Tomato war!
(Brian will be sending an email out with more details)

REMINDER: There will be no Life in the Spirit Fire Friday this week.

Any questions? Need a ride? Don't hesitate to call (517) 484-2336.

See you soon,
Mary G.

Heads Up:
-Monday, Oct 9th, Formation Talk (for those who are in it- you know who you are), 7:30-9 @ usual locations
-Friday, Oct 13th, Fire Friday Talk#3 - A Brand New Life Powered from On High), 6-7:30 @ 115 Custer St. AND Corn Maze PARTY! More info to come.

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