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New UCO Website!

Hey all, just letting you know that we've upgraded to a new UCO website, which you can access here:

This wesbite will no longer be updated, so be sure to check out for up to date info!

2012 UCO Winter Retreat

It started with a conviction.  A conviction that God desires to gather his children and to perform a work in his people—us.   University Christian Outreach.

We have been gathered together and worked on before, of course.

But we think God’s just getting started.


In the past decade, we’ve experienced a particularly blessed season of growth in UCO North America.     Fueled by grace, we’ve built a continental community out of shared vision, deep friendships, and commitment to radical discipleship.  The shouts of our praise, the confident hum of our filial encouragement, and peals of our joy-ridden laughter now echo across coasts, from Vancouver to Maryland.   Ordinary men and women have been formed into missionaries, and more and more students have laid down their lives for Christ and his call for them.  God has made us a fruit-bearing people.

Fall 2011. Aw, yeah!

The air is crisp, notebooks are on sale, and Quality Dairy is selling pumpkin pie ice cream again. The new school year has begun, and UCO is back in full throttle!

 After making our presence duly known during Welcome Week at MSU (featuring Kate Stevenson as a dancing panda bear at Meijer Madness), we launched into our fall prayer meetings.  UCO started the year with 52 members, but plenty of new faces have appeared in our midst.  We've begun a teaching series on worship, and we're already seeing the fruit: each week, God reveals a bit more of his glorious nature and invites us to respond in deeper ways.  Exciting? You betcha. 

Listen to two UCO students Spring 2011

We recorded two students sharing about things they've experienced in UCO.

 Rob, John, and Nicole

Rob Munk (on left in the picture above) shared about UCO on-occasion of his graduation. 2011-04-27-RobMunkSharesAtUCOpmeet.mp3

John and Kim

Video - Student Stories

Four students talking about UCO. Christina Kalouche made this in the summer of 2010.